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Lauden Clips! 

First Contact - by Henry Lauden

This is the the videoclip belonging to my single 'First Contact'. Hope you like it and when you do, please 'like' my video!

Risin' - by Henry Lauden

Look at these guys dancing! I couldn't do anything else then let them be accompied by this great remix from the Dutch dj's Block & Crown!

NightLive - by Henry Lauden

In this clip I edited a roadmovie, made in Los Angeles during the night. It's the early 40's... 

Great foot​age to put on a soundtrack of pumping beats, haha...

Famous Past - by Henry Lauden

A lot of famous people from the 40's, 50's and 60's in this clip that I edited a few years ago. Curious if you regognize all of them! Music speaks for itself, of course also remixed by me.

Beachland Sea Sand Mix - by Henry Lauden

This set I mixed for beachparty's only, haha. Goes very nice with a cocktail, good friends, a swimmingpool or summer evening at the beach. Seeing the sun go down you can enjoy the music, have a dance and maybe even find the love of your life ... ;)

If you want to listen to the whole set, follow the link:

New York 'Gat' It - 

by Henry Lauden

A view of the streets in New York again in the 40's, accompied by a funky and serious danceable track! Hope you like it!

LA Landslide

by Henry Lauden

Great track I remixed and linked to a landslide movie of Los Angeles, filmed in 1948..

Roads of America - 

by Henry Lauden

Trucking on the sunny roads of America in the 30's! Remixing the music, I realized I had to have a video wich had the same energy, tempo and cheerfulness as the track itself. Editing the videoclip, I knew this was the perfect combination of music and image. Hope you like it as much as I do! 

Trains! - by Henry Lauden

This time no cars, but trains from the 50's. The remix I made fits perfectly with the images of these steel monsters!